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Welcome to DIYUSA. You will find links and info to various DIY projects, such as building coroplast boats, making musical instruments, paper arts and more..... Thanks for your visit!

May 2021, 14.5' Foldable Tandem Canoe

I am creating a series in building the Gen 15 (Solo) and Gen 16 (Tandem) Canoe. Please get the latest info from my Youtube Channel: DIY USA - YouTube

Spring/April 2021 design: A 9.5' Foldable Solo Canoe

I have further improved the base design, which is similar to Gen 12 and 14. The assembly is simpler and faster (less than two minutes). It cost less than US $100. Because the water is still very cold, I have not water tested this canoe yet. Will share more details after testing in May 2021.

Make Magazine 12' DIY foldable kayak

Gen 14 is designed for Makezine project. Please click here for the Step-by-step DIY guide.

The Youtube DIY video playlist for this Kayak is here. Hope these this will help you to build your kayak using materials readily available at your local hardware stores.

My 2020 10' foldable kayak

This is an easy kayak to build. It can be easily modified and be built with 4' x 8' coroplast. Link to video series in building this boat.

World's lightest 9'8" coroplast rigid hull kayak (13 Lbs)

I used my new heat fusion technique in building this kayak to achieve the super strong structural strength and minimal overall weight. It cost < $100 and took 10 hours to build.

Video series in building this kayak.

My super stable kayak

Please check out my youtube channel for tutorials to build this kayak. You can download the kayak plan in this site.

Link to the tutorial video.

Maker Faire 2020: Introductory video - DIY foldable boat

You can build one in 6 hours!

Maker Faire 2020

Paper Quilling

Generate ideas for patenting

Speaker: Portland State University - 2020 MESA Week

My 3rd N95 mask design

Use recycled materials except the filter :-)

My 2nd N95 mask design

With filter pocket

Some of the boats I designed and built between Sept 2017- Sept 2019.

Convert a Gen 7 Kayak to a sail boat